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AnaiRhoads.org was founded in 1996 as a social justice non-profit. We cover a variety of topics and bring you the latest news relating to the environment, human and animal rights, civil liberties, equality, health and global issues.

Ataturk Monument Proposal Voted Down

“Immortalizing someone like Ataturk is the same as immortalizing Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin,” said John Kesoglou, a Greek-American who lost relatives during the Ataturk Genocide.

California Proposes Monument of Warlord

What would be your reaction if you turned on your computer one afternoon and read that your State was proposing a monument to Adolf Hitler? Greeks, Armenians and others are experiencing that very reaction today as Carson, California seeks to erect a monument to the warlord, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Interview: We Must Fight For Our Rights

Among them was meeting a young woman leader, Vandana. At only 23, she is a powerhouse for change in her community, inspiring other young women to stand up for themselves, speaking out about harassment and violence and encouraging them to be politically active.

Single Mothers are the Heroines, not the Villains

Rosie became pregnant at 17 last year. She was labelled a slut. Melissa, 14, ran away from home so her parents couldn’t force her to have an abortion.

Why the US Wants To Stay In Afghanistan

The U.S. is supposed to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by the end of this new year. But despite public opinion polls to the contrary, President Obama is seeking to leave several thousand Special Forces troops, military trainers, CIA personnel, “contractors” and surveillance listening posts for 10 more years in Afghanistan until the end of …

No Childhood for Most Afghani Children

Decades of war and poverty have forced them into the ranks of workers. Children have to contribute to family incomes and shoulder the responsibility of looking after siblings and disabled relatives. As a result of chronic conflict there are many orphan children.

900,000 Veterans Facing Food Stamp Cuts

The cuts are the result of a temporary increase in benefits authorized in the 2009 American Recovery Act sunsetting. Nationwide, nearly 1 in 4 children live in a home that receives food stamps, and the cuts amount to 21 meals per month, per person. In fact, half of all children living in the U.S. receive food stamps at some point during their childhood.

Sixty Comments Vegans Hear From Non-Vegans

In the U.S., most of our corn, wheat, oats and soy are fed to the 10 billion land animals who are killed every year for human consumption. Worldwide, the majority of plants are fed to 60 billion farmed land animals. The answer is in ending the breeding of farmed animals which takes up much of our planet’s land space.

France Close to Banning Child Beauty Contests

On Tuesday, a bill to outlaw child beauty pageants passed in the French senate as part of a wider law on gender equality. It will go through the national assembly before becoming law. Organisers might face a jail term of up to two years and a fine of €30,000 ($43,000).

Exploiting Boys is the Norm in Afghanistan

They are usually enticed or abducted when they are still children and held as property by an “owner”.

Do No Harm on Syria, Says Doctors’ Group

As the Commander in Chief holds open the prospect of a military strike on Syria, while asking Congress to hold off on taking a vote, Physicians for Civil Defense urges Congress to consider…

USDA Closes Internet Puppy Mill Loophole

After intense pressure from animal advocacy groups, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) finally buckled, closing a loophole which gave its licensed pet breeders carte blanche.  The agency issued its final rule Tuesday, establishing a greater federal oversight over online puppy sales and puppy mills across the board.

Sex Determination Test Adds to Women’s Woes

Female Afghans are not safe even inside their mother’s womb,say activists and human rights defenders. The ultrasound sonography machine is being widely misused for pre-natal sex determination not only in Kabul but also in many cities and provinces.

Why We’re Focusing on New Orleans

Housing prices are rising in New Orleans, as public housing continues to be torn down. To find out about the state of the recovery, we spoke to developers, business owners, and those who feel left out in the new New Orleans.

Black Market Continues Despite Pleas to End Bear Bile Industry

Behind the fancy packaging and the snake oil claims made by these companies to validate the superstitious nature behind the “cures”, hides the bear factory farms filled with caged animals. Much like the factory farms in the United States, these bears are stripped of their nature and freedom to exist in order to accommodate an ever-growing exploitive market.

Second Largest Dog Fighting Raid in U.S. History

Some animals had access to improvised dog houses made up of pieces of plastic or rusty metal barrels. Others were simply tethered to car tires or cider blocks. A female was spotted among trash and excrement, struggling to tend to her six babies who were said to be just weeks old. She and her litter were also penned outside without food or water.

Parole Board Failures a Matter of Life and Death

While violent sexual offenders and serious sexual offenders including paedophiles ”constituted an obvious and greater threat to society than most other offenders”, victims’ rights came second to the rights of offenders. Victims were often not even given notice of the release of sex offenders.

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