Legal Issues

In the old Dragnet show the celebrity and detective was famous for his attribute line: “just the facts, ma’am.” Your car crash attorney knows this, and will take steps to make sure that the details of your injury accident aren’t lost in this way.

Juror Perceptions

Maybe you ought not be completely surprised by the fact that jurors could be affected by matters aside from the proof of a personal injury case. Your car crash attorney will then have to evaluate how factors in your case might be considered subjectively by jurors and remind them of the actual evidence.

Some Specific Things That Can Influence Jury Perception

Several factors that can impact the way jurors see signs are if collision damage is minimal; if the suspect is likeable; and when you, the plaintiff, often leave a negative impression, whether by character or demeanor.

Collision damage.

Physical damage to a car doesn’t need to be substantial for the sufferer to have suffered harm. But if your vehicle sustained only superficial damage, jurors will be inclined to believe that you can’t have been as badly hurt as you assert. Your car crash lawyer should get all photographs of the collision scene and copies of your medical reports. Pictures are significant as another involved vehicle may have sustained greater damage, thus substantiating your claim that the incident caused you more than minor injury.

The suspect’s likeability.

The suspect may leave jurors with a positive impression. Jurors might have a tough time seeing him as one whose negligence might have caused your injuries. But most defendants–and people generally, for that matter–have both positive and negative qualities. A strong lawyer for the plaintiff will direct jurors away from prejudicial thinking and help them to see that It’s a matter not of the Individual’s character, but his activities at the time of the injury; and

You, on the other hand, may not introduce yourself really well to the courtroom. You also may be quite nervous and possibly somewhat shy. In certain cases in which a plaintiff’s lack of appeal may jeopardize a case, an attorney might propose settling with the insurance provider as opposed to going to court.

Work with a Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer

In case you’re injured in an accident through no fault of your own, it’s vital that you seek out legal help to make sure your rights are protected. Call a car crash lawyer to arrange a consultation.